Junior Analytics Support

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    Infrastruttura IT / DBA - Data Manager - Data Analyst
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    Milano, Milano
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As Digital & Technologies team, we are currently recruiting a Junior Analytics Support for the Italian unit of a prestigious global Company, leader in the IT Industry.

As a Junior Analytics Support, you will have the opportunity to organize the job autonomously, take responsibilities and engage with customers and partners and international stakeholders.

Your main responsibilities will be:
- Define campaigns execution and content, monitor results, secure appropriate reporting
- Directly engage with the top resellers to secure timely and correct renewal of the contracts
- Define Sales team engagement or support critical conversations
- Support preparation of marketing materials in collaboration with international teams
- Work with Business Application team to define appropriate reports of sales activities and analyze results
- Maintain and update sales reports and support forecasting process

What we are looking for in you:
- Fluency in Italian and English
- A background in data analysis would be considered as a plus
- Good knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, etc)
- Flexible, empathetic, precise, accurate and curious attitude
- Problem solving and analytical skills

What can we offer you:
- A 12-month fixed term contract
- Flexible workspace type, both onsite and offsite
- Full time work schedule

If you think this role will do for you, apply now! We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Lingue conosciute:
Inglese: Comprensione Ottimo
Italiano: Comprensione Madrelingua

Fogli di calcolo / elettronici - Excel, livello Ottimo
Progettazione / Disegno tecnico - Microsoft Office, livello Ottimo

Disponibilità oraria: Full Time

CCNL: CCNL Commercio Confcommercio 01/03/2011

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