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    Landriano, Pavia
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The Studio team are now seeking a talented Videographer to join the team based in our offices in Italy. You will be tasked with being responsible for retouching, cropping and uploading hundreds of high quality images onto our website every week, in line with upload deadlines.

Here is a breakdown of what you'll be doing:
• Work within the Product Video Team alongside stylists, capturing and editing digital video . Delivering beautiful video that accurately depicts clothing and accessories in accordance with the guidelines.
• Accurately colour match video footage to reflect the colour temperature of retouched still imagery.
• Operate the studio camera, organizing rushes, maintaining a good Final Cut Pro workflow and exporting in appropriate formats for web use.
• Ensure that all products are filmed correctly with consistency of lighting, styling and presentation
• Produce high quality, colour corrected and balanced digital video footage in accordance to technical specification guidelines.
• Perform quality assurance and routine checks on product videos live on both business channels.
• Maintain an efficient workflow, meeting daily and weekly deadlines.
• Prepare sets, checking that all equipment is functioning, setting up appropriate lighting and keeping accurate daily capture records.
• Communicate and report workflow status to Product Video Team Leader on a daily basis.
• Be responsible for care and upkeep of all studio equipment, props and supplies.
• Be able to work well within a team and under pressure with a flexible, creative attitude.

The type of person we are looking for:
• Excellent organizational skills.
• Proven experience using a range of professional video cameras.
• High technical proficiency. Ability to configure cameras for exposure, colour and white balance.
• Good understanding of video technology standards including HD/SD, capture/media formats, aspect ratios.
• Proven experience of Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere.
• An ability to edit video.
• Significant abilities in colour grading video footage and a thorough understanding of colour theory and its application to video.

Titolo di studio:
Laurea Triennale

Lingue conosciute:
Inglese: Parlato Ottimo - Scritto Ottimo - Comprensione Ottimo

Disponibilità oraria: Full Time

Mezzo di trasporto: Auto,

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