zOS DB2 System Programmer Database Administrator

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    Infrastruttura IT / DBA - Database Administrator
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zOS DB2 System Programmer Database Administrator
Your Role and Responsibilities
We are Looking a DB2 System Programmer/Database administrator will provide DB2 z/OS Support and have the ability to install, maintain, and perform problem resolution on z/OS DB2 System Software and associated supporting products. Responsibilities include installation and upgrade of DB2 running on z/OS using currently supported versions and commonly used DB2 Tools. Additionally, the System Programmer will build and configure DB2 subsystem environments on z/OS, support problem determination efforts (prime & off-shift) involving DB2 & related software, manage day to day DB2 system admin requests (e.g.DB2 security, DB2 Healthchecking utilities, etc.), and execute DB2 system level recoveries (local and in support of Disaster Recovery). The responsibility includes performing problem root cause analysis, troubleshooting, solving issues, database tuning, customer support, etc.
Open requirements and/or fix requests for software updates.
Advanced management of DB2 for z/OS subsystem & software configurations.
Ensuring that all work is actioned in accordance with security standards.
Use of the current processes/tools to assist with security healthchecking and maintenance of security standards.
Ensuring that Security APARS/PTFs are managed and applied before due date.
Resolution of problems relating to the DB2 subsystem and associated software.
Support for DBA related tasks.
Ensuring backup & restore, RUNSTATS and REORG routines.
Health Checks, deviations, and analysis.
Perform all functions which are actioned by a DB2 System Programmer such as: - DB2 Installation, Migration and PTF Installation.
IBM DB2 for z/OS Data Sharing (including Coupling Facility structure maintenance).
IBM DB2 for z/OS RSU maintenance rollouts (Shopz ordering, SMP/E processing etc) - IBM DB2 for z/OS version upgrades.

Disponibilità oraria: Full Time

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